What to Expect

While every project is different, here’s a general idea of the steps we’ll take to get a book in your hands:

  • Initial conversation to understand goals, budget and whether you need us to write the copy and secure photography (if needed) or you’ll do that in house
  • Timeline and deadlines agreed upon (in general, expect a 6-9 month production timeline)
  • Proposal submitted and contract signed (payment of 35% of production costs due)
  • Design concepts presented, refined and approved
  • Final text edited and proofed
  • Photographer hired, if necessary
  • Design and review (final payment due: remainder of production costs + printing cost)
  • Printing (we have a network of printers we work with in the U.S. and around the world, and one will be the right fit for your goals and budget)

Please note that you retain all rights to the book, and all photos, graphics and text developed would be yours to use in other applications, such as websites or marketing materials.